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Considerations When Making Address Cards

Moving home is hectic, especially when you have to let everyone know where you have moved to. The quickest way of doing that is through address cards. These are usually small, similar to business cards, and will inform your friends and family members of the new house address and any other details that may have changed, such as a phone number. Address cards are something that you can make yourself relatively easily. The best thing about doing them yourself is that it will cost much less money. All you need is a simple word program, some card and ink in your printer. It is possible to hire someone to do the cards for you but you will be charged much more and there are also delivery costs involved. You can make the cards as simple as you want. Some people will choose to put a picture of their new home in the top corner and then include the address, while others will just offer a simple white piece of card with the address in black writing. The main thing that you will need to think about is the use of the cards. Will they just be for family and friends or will you be using them for business purposes too? The size of the cards needs to be considered. Address cards are usually small enough to fit in a wallet but it is often difficult to find envelopes small enough if you are mailing the cards out to family members. Again, this will depend on any other use for the cards. Address cards