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How Do You Personalise a Funeral Bookmark?


Funeral bookmarks can seem a generic gift to give to friends and family after a funeral. However, there are many easy ways that you can personalise a funeral bookmark that make them stand out, and become truly special.

Here are a few of our favourite personalisation ideas.

Choose a design

Firstly you will need to choose a beautiful design. This is such a simple way to personalise your bookmarks and can make a huge difference.

Funeral Bookmark - Sea View Path Photo

We have so many designs available to suit a wide range of styles. You can find a design to really suit your loved one, whether that's a floral style or a fishing-themed design.

Check out our full range of funeral bookmarks here.

Choose an image

Next, choose an image of your loved one that you adore. This should be an image where they are looking happy or a particularly beautiful photo of them.

The photograph will likely be the main focal point of the bookmark so make sure it complements the design that you have chosen.

Add your wording

Then add your own unique wording. This can be whatever you like, so you can make your bookmarks as personalised as you wish.

Most people opt for a poem on their bookmarks. You may want to include a poem that your loved one particularly enjoyed, or a poem that is being included in the funeral service.

If you can't decide on a poem, you can use our pre-made ones. Simply find a design that you love and use the drop-down box to select your favourite poem. It's so quick and easy.

Funeral Bookmark - Sea View Path Photo

At the top of your bookmarks you will also want to include the name of your loved one, so that everyone remembers who the bookmarks were for, as well as their date of birth and the date that they passed away.


We hope you have found this blog useful. For more funeral ideas and advice, check out our other blogs.