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How to Order a Birthday Invitation Online?

How to Order a Birthday Invitation Online?
Ordering a birthday invitation online can seem daunting, but in reality, it is easy! Follow these simple steps to find out how to create and order your ideal invitations:

Choose a theme

You probably have an idea of what kind of party you want, but if you're struggling, we recommend you have a look online for inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram are some of our favourite apps for party inspiration, with the perfect styles for all ages. Whilst themes are more popular for kids parties, they are still loved by teenagers and adults, so feel free to choose whatever theme suits you (or don't have a theme at all!). How to Order a Birthday Invitation Online? - Kids Birthday Invitations - Princess Pamper Party Featured Product: Kids Birthday Invitations - Princess Pamper Party Once you've chosen your theme, you're one step closer to ordering your ideal birthday invitations! We have amazing invites for pool parties, casino nights, barn dances, and more.

Make a guest list

Knowing how many people you will invite to your party is essential when it comes to ordering birthday invitations. You don't want to waste money on invitations that you won't use! Having a set theme will help you narrow down your guest list (e.g. not inviting children to a night club!) which is why we recommend you do this beforehand. Depending on your party venue, you may have a set amount of guests in mind, but you can have as many or as little as suits you. It is your birthday after all.

Confirm the details

By the time you are thinking of ordering your invitations, you probably are sure on all of the details. But if not, make sure you know the date, location, and time that your party is starting before ordering. How to Order a Birthday Invitation Online? - Great Gatsby - Invitations Featured Product: Great Gatsby - Invitations You should also make sure your venue is booked, so that you are not at risk of having any last minute issues!

Find your stationery

Take a look online or in shops to find your ideal invitations. You can choose from ready-to-write invitations that you fill out by hand, or personalised birthday invitations that are printed with all of your details. Ordering ready-to-write invitations is easy! Simply choose the amount that you need, and order. At Dotty about Paper, we ensure that your order is sent to you quickly. Meaning that you don't have to worry about your invitations arriving too late. How to Order a Birthday Invitation Online? - 30th Birthday Invitations - Blush Leopard Print Featured Product: 30th Birthday Invitations - Blush Leopard Print Personalised invitations can be a little more tricky. Find your ideal design and simply type in your wording. If you're struggling, there are lots of easy templates online that you can copy. When you order personalised invitations with us, we send you an online proof so you can check how the wording looks before printing, making it easy to notice any errors and make any tweaks you need. Don't forget to include all the important details of the day - including your name, the date and location of your party, and a date to RSVP by. You may also want to include details of the food or drinks that you will be providing on the day. Now you know how to order a birthday invitation online! Feel free to get in touch if you would like to place an order for birthday invitations with us. We are always happy to help!