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Do I Need to Send Funeral Thank You Cards?


We are often asked if you need to send thank you cards after a funeral.

The short answer to this is no. You don't have to send them, however, it can be a thoughtful thing to do.

After a funeral, friends and family are sure to know how you're feeling, and if you don't feel capable of sending out thank you cards, they will definitely understand. It is fine not to send out thank you cards.

However, if you are feeling ready to send thank you cards that is fine, too. We recommend to send a thank you card to anyone who attended the funeral, and to send a more detailed message to anyone who brought a gift or put in extra effort to help you out.

Funeral Thank You Cards - Forest Walk

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We hope you have found this blog useful. More more help and advice on your funeral stationery, be sure to check out our other blogs.