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How Do I Invite Someone to My Birthday?

How Do I Invite Someone to My Birthday?
Throwing a birthday party can be great fun, whether it’s for yourself or someone else. Although it’s a time to celebrate, it isn’t uncommon to become overwhelmed with organising a date, venue, and theme, along with food and any added extras such as entertainment. Sometimes this can be quite a challenge - and that’s before you get to thinking about your guest list and how you’ll be inviting people to your party.
Party invitations can be pre-printed to suit your needs. Whether you want to save some time and reduce the hassle by having all the party details printed on them, so they’re ready to post out straight away, or whether you’d like to save some pennies and add the personal touch by writing the specifics in yourself, a range of options are available.
There are several ways you can then invite your guests:

Post your invitations as early as possible

Once you have received your invitations, try and get them sent out as soon as possible to ensure your guests have plenty of time to add your party to their diaries.
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Invite people in person

Where possible, it’s always nice to invite people in person. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them an invitation so as they have all the details to hand, but it’s a nice personal touch to speak to your guests about the event and show them how excited you are to have them in attendance. By doing this, it may also mean you can give them pre-printed invitations as you won’t lose the personal approach, but can still save the hassle of having to write the invitations out yourself.
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Send an e-invitation

In the modern world, we all like to have details and reminders to hand on our smartphones or tablets, so it could be a good idea to email or WhatsApp your invitations to your guests. Simply take a quick picture of your printed invitation and drop them a message with the image in so as they can easily save it on their phone, or even add a reminder or calendar event.

Don’t forget RSVP details

However you decide to invite your guests, don’t forget to add details of how to RSVP and set a deadline too, so you can get numbers in order for catering etc in good time.
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