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Helping Your Child Write a Letter to Santa

Helping Your Child Write a Letter to Santa
Christmas is coming! Help your little ones prepare by writing their letters to Santa. Writing a letter to Santa is so much fun, and a great way to find out what your kids want for Christmas, as well as practising their writing skills and helping them get creative. These are the simple steps to writing a Santa letter:


At the top of their letter, they should put their address - especially if you're planning for Santa to also send them a letter! Next, they should write 'Dear Santa', followed by a couple of introductory sentences. This is where they should tell Santa who it is that's writing to him, as well as asking Santa how he has been. Letters to Santa Featured Product: Father Christmas - Letter Set - Pack of 20

Naughty or Nice?

Then your kids will want to let Santa know how nice (or naughty) they have been this year. Name a few things that they have worked hard on this year to show off their skills to Santa. If they have been naughty, then they could let Santa know how they are going to improve in time for Christmas!


Your kids would then include a list of the gifts they want. Remind them that Santa and his Elves may not be able to make ALL of the gifts they want in time for Christmas, so they should write a smaller list with a few presents that they really want, instead. Make sure they are using their manners, saying 'Please' and 'Thank you'! Helping Your Child Write a Letter to Santa - Rooftop Santa - Letter Set - Pack of 20 Featured Product: Rooftop Santa - Letter Set - Pack of 20 They could also include a request for someone else, e.g. 'My friend Liam would like a new bike'. Christmas is all about caring for others, so they need to show Santa how caring they are!

Sign off

Once they have told Santa what gifts they would like, they can then sign off the letter with their full name, e.g. 'Love from Samuel Smith'. Make sure they say a final 'Thank You!' to Santa.


Before sending the letters, help the kids decorate them and make them look fun. Your little ones can add doodles, stickers, or glitter to the letters to make them stand out! Zoom image Featured Product: Festive Friends - Christmas Wish List Notelet - Pack of 20

Get Ready to Send

Then, once their letters are complete, simply pop them in an envelope and address to Santa! Santa has many different addresses that you can use, but as long as the envelope says Santa on the front, it's sure to make it to him! There is only one Santa after all.

Wait for a Reply

If your little ones are lucky, Santa might just send them a letter back! Zoom image Featured Product: Vintage Christmas - Personalised Official Letter from Santa Claus Here at Dotty about Paper, we have some lovely letters from Santa. These can be fully personalised with all of your little one's details, and sent directly to your home. We hope you have found this blog useful! Be sure to check out our Santa letter writing sets here.