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Hashtag...or is that #?


We thought we'd heard all the oddest special occasion news here...getting married underwater, birthday celebrations spent bungee jumping off bridges, babies being born to their mum's concert performance soundtrack (yes Mariah, we mean you!)...but this latest special occasion news has to top them all. A baby names Hashtag! We have checked out the Facebook page which is being publicised everywhere, where the following message appears: "Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last nite. She weys 8pounds and I luv her so much!!!!!!" Included is a photo of a baby - sleeping away and gloriously unaware that it has been named after something people do on a micro-messaging website. And, far be it for us to judge what anyone wants to name their baby...but, Hashtag? Surely someone needs to advocate for that little girl who is going to grow up with the most unusual (and topical) name we've ever heard. Is it a joke, we ask? Do the parents completely adore that name, or is it nothing more than a fad names which sounds like a bit of fun? That baby is going to grow into a woman at some point you know! Fashions do change though, and this we completely understand. For example, Amelia was the most popular baby girl name in the UK in 2011. Maybe in our future lies a new generation of Blogs, Tweets and little Pintrests...we hope not. Anyway, # aside, we do like names that are a little different, so please email us with your little one's name if it's something off the beaten track. Send your names to and we'll compile a list of our favourite ones.