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Get your spring wedding finalised

We may be in the depths of winter with Christmas being just around the corner, but if you’ve got a spring wedding coming up chances are you’re already getting excited. These few months will go incredibly quickly and the big day will be here before you know it, and that means you need to make sure you’re getting everything finalised.

Get the basics right

Yes, the venue will ideally have already been chosen and the wider arrangements made, but now it’s time to start focusing on the details. If you haven’t got the dress or suits sorted yet then now’s the time to do so, and make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to get those vital alterations done (but with everyone going a bit overboard during the festive season you might want to leave the final alterations until the New Year…). Organising the catering will be next on the list as will the bar service and music/entertainment, and of course, choosing the cake will be a vital (and enjoyable) part of any wedding plan.

Set the scene

Getting the setting right is vital to any wedding. You want it to feel romantic, personal and truly special with the background making all the difference, adding to the atmosphere and ensuring everything comes together. You’ll hopefully have a set theme or colour scheme which means you can start building your wedding day around it—things like flowers can be easily coordinated to suit, and as it’s a spring wedding you’ll probably want to go quite seasonal to keep it fresh and truly breathtaking. Things like the chair covers, sashes and table decorations can be coordinated with your wider scheme too, with the little details being the glue that holds everything together and providing the perfect finishing touch.

Make sure people know when to arrive!

In the rush to organise the wedding itself it can sometimes be easy to overlook the most important aspect of all—the invitations! Without them people simply won’t know when to arrive, and don’t leave it too late if you want to make sure everyone can attend. It’s a fine line you need to cross—send out the invites too early and people could forget about it but send them too late and they won’t be able to go, so getting the balance right is key. Save the date cards are ideal and can ensure guests will have a visual reminder, and make sure to opt for personalised options for a high-impact, memorable result.

If you’re looking for the invites to suit, you’ve come to the right place. We’re leading providers of wedding stationery in the UK and have all the invitations and cards you could need, and we can even provide orders of service and wedding table plans to ensure everything can come together perfectly. With a bit of time and attention you’ll have everything you need for the ultimate spring wedding, so start getting things finalised—your big day will be here sooner than you think…