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Halloween Party Tips for Time-Pressed Mums

Halloween Party Tips for Time-Pressed Mums
Your turn to host the Halloween party for the kids? Under pressure to produce something at least as good as super-mum next door’s event last year? Not got hours to spend baking like Mary Berry and handcrafting like Kirstie Allsopp? Then you’ll love these handy tips for time-pressed parents!

Halloween Party Invitations

Find some spooktacular invitations! Kids will love bright Halloween colours and cartoon monsters. Add the time and location, along with a fun reminder for the guests to dress in their best costumes. Halloween Party Invitations Featured Designs: 'Kids Halloween Party Invitation' and 'Spooky Ghosts Party Invitation'


Make cheap supermarket decorations look good by sticking to one theme and playing it to the max. Whether it’s graveyard and ghosts or pumpkins and monsters, carry the theme through the whole party. One of the easiest party themes to create is a spider’s lair. Just drape cobweb around the room and add plastic spiders. Not for the squeamish, but very effective, especially when combined with spooky lights. Halloween Party - Cobweb


The internet is awash with ideas for Halloween party games - most of which seem to require a week’s preparation, outstanding crafting skills, and materials only found after hours of searching online. Fortunately, some old favourites will come to your rescue. Bobbing for apples is very easy to set up, and by carving Jack O' Lantern faces in the fruit, you can add a seasonal twist. Just make sure you have plenty of towels handy! Halloween Party - Apples And it’s easy to convert popular party games for Halloween. Turn 'pin the tail on the donkey' into 'pin the hat on the witch' for a quick and fun game. Use a Halloween-themed playlist for musical statues or musical chairs. Instead of a treasure hunt, have a Spider Hunt – hide plastic spiders all around the room and send the kids to hunt them down. You can do this in teams or individually. Alternatively, use Halloween sweets, like these jelly spiders! And lastly, finish up with a fancy dress competition with sweet prizes for the winners. Halloween Party - Jelly Sweets


If you want to create home-cooked food without spending a week in the kitchen, check out these ghoulish treats! Older kids will love the sheer yuk-factor of these severed finger hot dogs. Halloween Party - Hot Dogs Or how about a frighteningly delicious pizza? Creative toppings transform a simple pizza into an eye-catching Halloween snack. Halloween Party - Pizza What's a party without a cake? Get some creepy cake toppers for a quick and easy bake. You can also use them on individual cupcakes. Halloween Party - Cake Topper If you want to have a go at baking your own devilish dessert, this stunning ghost cake is surprisingly simple to make! Halloween Party - Cake