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What Goes on a Birthday Invitation?

Birthday Invitations - Beautiful Blooms Cake

Writing a birthday invitation is much easier said than done! However, it can still be a lot of fun. Here is our quick and easy guide to creating your ideal birthday invitation.

Important Details


Don't forget to include the name of who's birthday it is! If you are handing out your invitations, you may want to just include your first name. However, if you are sending your invites via post then you may wish to put your full name, just to make sure no one gets confused.


If you're having a milestone birthday celebration, let everyone know.

30th Birthday Invitations - Gold Deluxe - Script Typography
30th Birthday Invitations - Gold Deluxe - Script Typography

You can buy invitations that specifically show off your age, or you can choose to keep it a bit more subtle by putting it into the text. Either way, it's completely up to you!

Date and Time

Remember to include the date and time of your celebration. You may also want to write the day of the week in which the party falls, as this will help guests to plan.


Include the location of your party venue. You may also want to include some details of how to get there, and any details of the parking situation or hotels if your party is late at night.


If you're having a themed party, make sure to let guests know by putting it into your wording.

Birthday Invitations - 80's Cassette Tape
Birthday Invitations - 80's Cassette Tape

You can also choose a birthday invitation to suit your theme, like our popular 'Great Gatsby' invitations.

Dress Code

Likewise, its important to mention the dress code if you are going for a specific look.

Birthday Invitations - Tropical Beach
Birthday Invitations - Tropical Beach

Popular dress codes include black tie, fancy dress, and 80s, but you can go for anything that suits you.

Extra Details

Surprise party?

Make sure to mention if it is a surprise party, as you won't want to let the cat out of the bag!

RSVP Details

Tell guests how best to reply to you, whether that's via telephone, Facebook, or email.

50th Birthday Invitations - Black agate
50th Birthday Invitations - Black Agate

You will also want to let guests know when to RSVP by.

No kids / no parents

If it's an adults-only party, make sure to mention this or you will end up with children there too!

Likewise, if you're having a kids party in a smaller venue, you may want to let parents know that they don't need to hang around all day.

Kids Birthday Invitations - Jungle Animals
Kids Birthday Invitations - Jurassic Dinosaur

What to bring

If you're having a sleepover party, or doing something quirky like a camp out, let guests know what they should bring with them.


Let guests know about what food or drinks are going to be served on the day.

This is particularly important if you are having caterers at your party, or you're planning to go out for a meal.

Birthday Invitations - Viva La Fiesta
Birthday Invitations - Viva La Fiesta

We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more birthday party ideas, check out our other blogs.