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What Gifts to Buy Your Teachers

What Gifts to Buy Your Teachers World Needs Teachers Teacher Sign
We can all relate to the confusion of what to buy your child's teachers when the school year comes to an end. We want to show our appreciation for what they do, but we also don’t want to go overboard. So, what are the best presents to give teachers?


A lovely idea for a gift is something with real meaning. It could be an item that includes a photo of the whole class and a message written from each student, like a photo album and collage. It requires a bit of extra organisation from the parents, but it's sure to be a fun group project that shows how much the kids care! Another classic keepsake is a mug, which every teacher needs throughout the day. You could personalise it with their name or find a design with a keepsake message that will always make them smile. What Gifts to Buy Your Teachers Personalised Teacher Mug Helping Me Grow Featured Design: 'Personalised Teacher Mug - Helping Me Grow'


What is more useful to teachers then stationery. There are many products in the genre that you can buy and is of a particularly good price. For example, pens, stickers, notebooks, or even classroom signs. These gifts can also be improved by being personalised with either the teachers name or a simple ‘Thank you’ or ‘Best Teacher’. An example of a good product that we have at Dotty About Paper is our range of personalised Notebooks or note cards. You can even make some of these yourself, like a handmade classroom sign. Featured Design: 'The World Needs Teachers - A5 Personalised Teacher Sign' What could be more useful to teachers than stationery? There are so many products out there, with a wide price range to suit any budget. Pens, notebooks, stickers, and even classroom signs are available - useful and thoughtful! These gifts can often be customised with the teacher's name or a simple message, like 'Thank You' or 'Best Teacher'. If you're feeling creative, you could even have a go making some of these yourself by decorating a plain notebook, making a classroom sign, or creating a unique pen selection. What Gifts to Buy Your Teachers Smart Stationery Pattern Blue Exercise Books Featured Design: 'Smart Stationery Pattern - Blue - Personalised A5 Exercise Books - Pack of 2'

Something to Relax

Every teacher needs to relax and wind down after a day at work. So, a present that can help them unwind is a good gift idea. A candle is a great example - useful, beautiful, and a necessary household item. Or you can create a hamper with cosmetic products, like face masks. Just remember to be careful what you pick, because the teacher may have allergies.


Tasty treats will always be appreciated! The likelihood of the receiver liking the present is very high and they are not too expensive. You can even go that extra mile and get chocolate, cookies, or cakes personalised with a message. Once again, though, watch out for allergies! It's also always best to get shop-bought treats rather than making them yourself when presenting them as a gift. Rainbow Cupcakes