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Getting Organised: Desk Stationery Tips

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Getting organised is easier said than done. But it's worth the effort! If you want to up your productivity and stay stylish at the same time, desk stationery is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds. Here are some tips on choosing the right stationery for you.

Choosing Your Desk Stationery

Look for a design that you love. An inspirational design will make you want to use your stationery to the full. It's also important to keep your key organising tools in a prominent place on your desk. With a beautiful design, this will be so much easier to do! Show off your style and stay focused on your schedule by making sure your planners take centre stage on a clutter-free desk. Getting Organised Desk Stationery Tips Got To Dash SmallFeatured Collection: Got To Dash So, how do you pick the perfect design? Well, you can theme your desk with matching ranges if you love a specific style. If you prefer a trendy twist, you could mix and match complementing colours and patterns to create your own unique look. And, if you feel like you need some extra motivation during the day, there's loads of great designs featuring inspiring quotes! Take a glance at them when you're feeling low to get back on track. Getting Organised Desk Stationery Tips Pink Bee SmallFeatured Design: Pink Bee A5 Exercise Book There are also lots of different styles of desk stationery to consider. Each one is ideal for a specific job, so make sure you get the item that suits your own needs.


You can get many different shapes and sizes of notebooks. They're the perfect way to store your thoughts and ideas to review later. Thin exercise books are ideal for carrying with you when you're out and about. These lightweight books let you jot down quick thoughts across ruled lines. They're more affordable, so they're excellent for disposable notes. If you're keeping the notebook at a work desk, however, you might want to invest in something more versatile. A thick and durable journal keeps your writing safe. If you want to find your place quickly, get one that comes with a ribbon marker or bookmark. In addition to notebooks for work, bullet journals have become a popular way to track your mood and social life as well as your jobs! Bullet journals mix images and scrapbooking with writing, and while you can choose any size of book, we recommend a large journal, with plenty of space to set your imagination free! Getting Organised Desk Stationery Tips Sweet Sherbet Dreams SmallFeatured Collection: Sweet Sherbet Dreams


If you prefer shorthand notes, bullet points, and lists, a notepad might be for you. The pages are usually easy to tear out, so you can pin up pages or easily remove them from the pad when you're finished with them. This makes them great for keeping things clutter-free. You can keep a larger notepad at your workplace for more detailed writing and store a small list pad in your bag for quick on-the-go notes. A blank notepad is also a good choice if you prefer making doodles, diagrams, and mind maps. Our packs of three come with one of each of these styles!

Desk Planners

Desk planners are similar to calendars, giving you a snapshot of your weekly appointments. Jotting down your schedule on a desk planner will help you keep your tasks in view at all times while you work. Some planners even have additional areas for weekend plans, helping you keep work and social notes separate. Getting Organised Desk Stationery Tips Join The Dots Small Featured Designs: Join The Dots, Llama Drama, and Light Pink Colourblock By finding your own perfect set of attractive stationery, you'll soon be able to organise your busy world - and stay stylish at the same time!