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What is a Funeral Post Box?


A funeral post box is a useful accessory to include at a funeral service. In this blog, we will explain how to choose and use a post box.

Funeral Post Box - Elegant Frame

How to Use a Funeral Post Box

A post box can be used to collect cards at the service. This can include attendance cards, which mourners can fill in to record their presence. They are also used to gather sympathy cards from friends as they enter the venue.

If you are collecting donations for a charity, you can use a donation post box to gather them in one safe place. You can personalise the wording on the accessory to explain which charity will receive the donations.

You could use a single post box to serve all of these functions or use separate boxes for each, depending on your needs.

Funeral Post Box - Watercolour Forget Me Nots

How to Personalise

Funeral post boxes could feature printed wording on the front or a customised plaque. Traditionally, the post box will feature the name of the departed, along with their date of birth and death. You can also include a message or quote of tribute to your loved one. You might also choose to add wording to ask guests to post their attendance cards, sympathy cards, or donations there.

To add a personal touch to the post box, you can select a design that suits your loved one. It could be an illustration that shows their interests, such as gardening or sports. Alternatively, it might feature their favourite colour or a setting they loved, like a forest or beach.

Others choose to decorate the post box by hand. You could add wording by hand, along with photographs of the departed, floral decorations, ribbons, or other items. You could also display a special item that had beside the post box.

Funeral Post Box - Blue Photograph Memories