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DIY vs. Premade New Year Invitations

DIY vs. Premade New Year Invitations

New Year’s Eve parties are exceptionally popular every year. Some people hold small house parties with friends while others will host street parties with the neighbours. When it comes to inviting guests, New Year invitations are required. The question is whether to make your own or buy the premade invites.

Making your own invitations is generally cheaper, which is a bonus considering how expensive New Year’s becomes. You need to pay for the card or paper and the printer ink, which are items that you will likely already have. It is often much more to buy premade invitations, especially if you are inviting a lot of people to your event.

However, buying the premade New Year invitations is often quicker and easier. The run up to Christmas and New Year is often a busy time since presents need to be bought and you need to stock up on food and drink. You may not have the time to design and make your own invitations, print them off and then send them out. Buying the ready-made ones means that you can quickly write names on them and just send them to your guests.

For those who have a fancy dress theme for the New Year’s Eve party, DIY invitations are something to consider. It is much easier to include the theme onto the New Year invitations to inform guests. This can be done through a series of pictures on the invites or you can just put it in writing somewhere on the paper.