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Create A Wedding Motif With The Card Gallery

When planning a wedding it is good to start by considering the overall theme of the occasion. The big day might be the culmination of events, but you can initiate consideration in all those who will be taking part long before. From wedding invitation cards to save the date cards, a consistent theme can be set out that is reflected in the design of each as well as the day itself. As you give out these cards, the designs can progress as the day gets nearer - a reminder to save the day could simply be a pair of rings, but the wedding invitation could be something more meaningful that builds on the previous design, perhaps adding flowers in the chosen colour scheme. This can not only help to make the event as memorable as possible, it can also help to create some recognisability in those who are being invited. A good colour scheme running throughout, including silvers or creams for instance, is a great way to create recognisability and an association with the couple. The recipient may start thinking about the wedding, and will recall it whenever they see your chosen motif repeated. At The Card Gallery, we have a wide variety of different designs each of which can be individually customised. Alternatively, you can order pre-printed cards which allow you to write them. You can then add more information as it becomes available as well as including some personalisation. You can also add some reminder cards which will go to all those who are to attend a rehearsal. Our affordable wedding invitations also extend to those who are only invited to the night event; tasteful cards that really help to include as many people as possible. Our professional designers have spent a long time creating some truly timeless designs that can be printed on cards, reminders and fridge magnets. This includes some poem cards that add that little bit of extra creativity when inviting people to take part in your special day. Other text-oriented designs include guest information cards which can carry on the overall theme of your wedding while also offering vital info about rules, directions, dress, or a plan of what will happen during the day. Of course when designing these we keep the card tasteful and easy to read, in the chosen font. You can also send a photo of your choice to us for the most personalised cards. We will then add text in the right place and ensure that it is of a professional look and design, although this will depend on the quality of the photo. If you are wanting to create special packs for those important guests or those who will be active participants it is a very good idea to include a wedding envelope seal. Impressing on people that this is an important occasion that should be taken seriously is vital. A seal is a great way to increase the formality and the class of the invitations and correspondence. Our seals run from the classic deep scarlet rose to blooming pink Gerbera or tastefully rendered hearts, bells, brides and grooms.