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Coveting Celebrity Weddings


Kim Kardashian reportedly wants a wedding to rival that of Prince William and Kate Middleton!

Although Kim is still legally married to ex-love Kris Humphries, she is already planning her wedding to boyfriend Kanye West, and is said to want a huge English event to rival that of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A friend of Kim's said: "Kim would love to wed at Westminster Abbey like William and Catherine, but that won't be possible. Instead she's been looking at castles near London. She wants the most spectacular wedding and she's talking about having guests like Jay-Z and Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Katy Perry arrive in horse drawn carriages - just like the royal wedding." Now, we are with Kim on coveting everything about Williams and Kate's gorgeous day - we still have out hearts set on THAT dress! - but c'mon Kim, have a bit of originality will you! Are you planning on recreating a famous wedding for your big day? If so, drop us an email to - we'd love to hear how you're using elements of a big wedding and incorporating them into your dream day.