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How to Celebrate Best Friends Day

How to Celebrate Best Friends Day
8th June is Best Friends Day, making it the perfect time to show your own best friend how much you care. There are so many ways to put a smile on their face, whatever the day of the year! Here are some lovely ideas on how to treat your friends.

Write a Letter

There's nothing like a hand-written message to brighten your best friend's day. You can thank them for sticking with you though all the ups and downs, remind them of fun memories you've shared, and let them know just how special they are to you. Use a beautiful notelet or greetings card to make your message extra-special! How to Celebrate Best Friends Day - Sweet Sherbet Dreams Cards Featured Design: 'Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Greetings Cards'

Find a Gift

Treat your best friend to a present they'll adore. You could get them that special something they've wanted for ages. Or maybe a reliable favourite that they always love, like a box of luxury chocolates or a flower bouquet. Alternatively, look around for a unique gift that reminds you of them. It could be a quote that sums them up perfectly... How to Celebrate Best Friends Day - Nine to Wine Motivational Art Print Featured Design: 'Business Print - Working Nine to Wine' Or, for the practical friend, get them something that's as useful as it is gorgeous. This one is for the stationery lovers who have a list for everything! How to Celebrate Best Friends Day - Stationery Featured Designs: 'Earn Your Stripes - A5 Chunky Notebook' & 'Join The Dots - Notepads - Pack of 3'

Best Friends Day Out

Gifts and cards are lovely, but nothing beats meeting up with your best friend for a chat. So, why not make a day of it? Visit your favourite spots, explore somewhere new, or just sit back and share a relaxing afternoon tea! It can be whatever you want it to be, so start brainstorming a list of the things you love doing together and make a plan for an unforgettable day out. How to Celebrate Best Friends Day - Friends at Cafe