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How Do You Announce a Funeral Announcement on Social Media?

How Do You Announce a Funeral Announcement on Social Media?

When someone dies, social media can be a good way to get in touch with people and announce the details of their funeral. But you want to make sure that your posts are respectful, useful, and being seen by the right people.

Here are our top tips for posting a funeral announcement on social media.

Consider Timing

The timing of your announcement is very important. You don't want the close friends and family of the deceased to find out that they have died via a social media post.

Once all of the loved ones of the deceased have been told, you can then post your funeral announcement online.

Include Funeral Details

You should leave posting until you know when and where the funeral will take place. You don't want your inbox to be spammed with questions about the funeral when you are still in the early stages of grieving and won't have the time or energy to answer all of your messages.

The funeral announcement might include:

  • An explanation of how the deceased passed away.
  • A short message telling everyone how you feel, and showing respect for the deceased.
  • The date and time of the funeral ceremony, as well as where it will take place.

You must also make sure to specify whether the funeral is reserved for close friends and family or if anyone can attend. If not, you may risk unexpected people attending the funeral.

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Privacy Settings

Another way to stop random people from attending the funeral is to adjust your privacy settings. You can adjust your privacy settings on social media so that different people see your post.

By changing your account from public to private, you're making sure that people you don't know can't see the details of the funeral.

Keep It Respectful

Finally, make sure that you keep your post respectful.

You can do this by staying away from slang and emojis, and using language that is more formal. Add a nice photograph of your loved one to complete your funeral announcement.

You will also want to consider if this is what the deceased would have wanted. If they were a more private person or did not like using social media, then you may wish to choose a more traditional funeral announcement.

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Our funeral announcement cards make a beautiful, traditional way to announce a funeral.

We hope you have found this blog useful. For more funeral advice, be sure to check out our other blogs.