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Your Wedding Guest Book

Your Wedding Guest Book

Your wedding guest book can have many uses - from the very basis tasks of remembering exactly who came to your wedding and their personal messages, to a place where you can organise all of your thank-you notes and have a scrapbook of sorts for all your wedding day mementos.

The most important thing to remember about your wedding guest book is that it should be personal to you as a couple. From a personalised plaque on the front cover to the colour scheme you choose for it, it should be all about you. Once you've gone through all the time and trouble of choosing and buying your wedding guest book, you need to make sure that everyone signs it. It's always worth designating this job to a trusted usher or bridesmaid as you will be far too busy during your wedding day to do this yourself. You can get guests to sign the book as they enter your reception venue, or make sure that it is passed around during the course of the evening and that everyone gets a chance to see and sign it. You can make your wedding guest book even more personal by asking your guests to write down their favorite memory of you, alongside their message of congratulations. Or perhaps ask them to write their tips for achieving a happy marriage! Whatever your wedding guest book choice is, you should make sure it reflects you as a couple.