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Your Baby's Christening


Organising a Christening for your child can take some time to plan. Both sets of parents and grandparents may have specific ideas about what should take place and where. If both you and your partner are religious you may already have strong links to your local church and can rely on the people there to help you with some of the formalities involved in planning a Christening. You may have previously thought about your child’s godparents before the birth and may be taking a traditional approach, but before you remain steadfast to your decision it is worth remembering that your child’s godparents should be christened themselves to do the job. Finding this out without being too obvious as to the reason why can be tricky - but often the godparents will be one of the parent’s siblings or other close family member so you may know already. A good idea is to have your Christening party close to the church so all your guests can walk to the venue. If this is not possible then detailed instructions should always be included in the Christening invitations so your guests will not get lost between both venues. A Christening is a wonderful time for the parents of the newly born baby, so take time to organise the event but remember to enjoy yourself because it’s your day too!