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Some Unusual Wedding Venues

Use your own photo - Open out - 250Weddings are to be held in a railway carriage at the newly-restored Royal Deeside Railway, Crathes for the very first time. The first wedding will be between Aberdeen couple Mike Smith and Tina Scott. They plan to tie the knot this week in the guard's area of one of the coaches, followed by a train ride. Bridal parties have been on the railway before, but it has never been used for a wedding ceremony. The carriage will specially decorated for the event and we'll bring you photos as soon as we can! In the meantime, we have a list of some other unusual wedding venues: Tunnels Beaches in North Devon is a spectacular venue. With a private, secluded garden overlooking the sea and a beach with hand-carved tunnels through the cliffs, this is one stunning venue. While it might not be every one's first choice, The Garlic Farm is a unique and inspiring location for a wedding. Set in the beautiful Arreton Valley it is 15 minutes from the ports of Ryde and Fishbourne, so is easily accessible from the mainland. If you like the sound of the view from the top of a mountain but don't actually want to venture outside, then the CairnGorm Mountains are the venue for you. At the top of a National Park in the heart of the Highlands nestles the fine dining Ptarmigan restaurant. So both the food and the views will make your mouth water! For something further South, Westminster council have now granted approval for civil partnership ceremonies and marriages to be held in the Palace of Westminster for the first time. Until now only MPs, peers, certain parliamentary officials and their families were allowed to get married in Parliament. In a bid to modernise Parliament, members of the public, gay and straight, will be able to book their weddings on Parliament’s website. If too many people apply, officials are likely to run a ballot to select the lucky couples. Two rooms have been approved as the venues for the civil ceremonies: the Jubilee Room and the MP's dining hall. The Absolut Icebar has become the first venue in the heart of London to allow marriages in temperatures of minus 5 degrees. Imagine the day: you start with the ceremony being held in the ethereal surroundings of the icebar, sweeping down an aisle constructed of the purest ice harvested from the Torne River in Sweden. Then, once the 'I do's' are over with you can retire to the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Below Zero restaurant, with its award-winning chef. These are just a few of the unique venues that we know about, but feel free to share the venues that you know about too. Whichever venue you decide upon, be sure to order your wedding invitations well in advance so that you can give your guests plenty of notice to attend your wedding day. When you order your wedding invitations, remember to order just one card per couple or family and not one for every person - a very easy mistake to make, believe us!