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Should I Buy a Gift for a Funeral?

We are often asked if you should buy a gift for a funeral that you are attending. Is it necessary? And if so, what should you buy?

Is a gift necessary?

The short answer is no, it's not necessary to bring a gift when you attend a funeral. However, it is a very thoughtful thing to do, and is sure to be appreciated by the family of the deceased.

What should you buy?

Flower bouquets make the most popular choice of funeral gift. They're beautiful, affordable, and a simple way to show that you care. You can take flowers to any funeral you attend - whether that's the funeral of a cherished loved one, or somebody you didn't know very well. Lilies, roses, and orchids are some of the most popular funeral flowers.

Some people choose to just bring a singular flower to a funeral. This makes a very simple gift, with so much symbolism, and shows that you care.

If you would prefer to give a gift of money, then you could opt for a gift card or a charity donation. These are both thoughtful options that are sure to be appreciated by their family.

Many funeral attendees also bring food to the funeral as most funerals include a gathering afterwards where guests have refreshments. You may want to ask the family beforehand if you can bring food with you, as they may already have catering sorted.

Some other beautiful gift ideas include a personalised photo album, jewellery, or anything that is sentimental. Make sure that your gift is affordable, as anything over £50 may seem like you're trying to take the attention off the funeral and onto yourself and your generosity.

Pair any present with a thoughtful card to express your sympathy. A handwritten card that shows how much you care can mean as much as a gift!

We hope you have found this blog useful. For more information on funeral guest etiquette, head over to our other blogs. We have a wide range of blogs to help you out.