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It's Nearly November!

Wedding-5-Contemporary-Mocha-Roses-Evening-Invitation-Personalised-Open-Out-150 As we move closer to Halloween, that must mean that Christmas is right around the corner and, therefore, the end of 2012...where did the year go? We thought we'd take a look back at some of the year's celebrity weddings so far. Some to die for, some you wouldn't be seen dead at! Here they are: Anne Hathaway marries Adam Shulman A definite hit with us. Gorgeous dress, handsome groom, stunning bride - we kind of knew that this wedding would be no less than perfect. Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty Bit of a whirlwind one this was! Still, Cat looked stunning and the wedding took place in Rome. Enough said. Holly Valance marries Nick Candy in Beverly Hills The colour of Holly's dress was described as ivory and pigeon. Pigeons are also described as rats with wings. They was no need love. Gorgeous couple though so we think we might be able to forgive Holly on this occasion. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake This couple are too cute for words. The dress was pink - not Jordan-esque, but still pink and we can;t help but think that's a little bit wrong. You dream of a pink wedding dress when you're 5 years old, not when you're a grown woman. We're just jealous Jessica. Lisa Stelly and Jack Osbourne We thought this wedding would be a bit of a nightmare to pull off with a mother-in-law like Mrs Sharon, but it was a lovely wedding. It was made all the more poignant with Jack's revelation that he has MS. Lovely couple, brand new baby, we wish them all the very best!