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Essential Stationary for your Wedding Plans

Essential Stationary for your Wedding Plans
It is fair to say that your wedding day would be a far less memorable affair if your closest friends and family weren’t there to share it with you. Therefore, it is vital that you ensure all of your nearest and dearest know all about your big day well in advance. Happily, this is where wedding stationary comes into its own.

Cards for All Occasions

When you think of stationary for weddings, invitations are often the first things which come to mind. However, the truth is that there are in fact several different types of cards which you can use to let your guests know all about your matrimonial plans.


The first thing you should send out to your potential guests is a save-the-date card. This is basically a note to friends and family which tells them the wedding date well in advance. Because these cards are generally sent out many months before the wedding itself, potential guests are less likely to have firm commitments in place elsewhere for that particular date and therefore they will be more likely to attend your wedding.


The best time to send out wedding invitations is about a month or so after distributing your save-the-date cards. However, you need to remember that invitations are not just about getting your guest list in order; they are also about creating a positive first impression. After all, your invitations will be the first thing that your potential guests will see of your wedding so it is important you choose invitations which will adequately convey the kind of wedding it will (hopefully) be i.e. formal, religious, contemporary, etc. In addition to this, your invitations will also need to reflect any theme which may be a feature of your wedding. For example, if you're having a beach wedding then your invitations would most certainly benefit from incorporating some kind of seaside image. Of course, you will also need to include response or RSVP cards with your invitations. These are important as they will tell you how many of your potential guests will and won’t be able to attend, thereby allowing you to carry out your venue arrangements with a definite number of guests in mind. Having a more accurate estimation of your guest numbers will enable you to determine how many seats you will need at the reception venue and give you a far better idea of how much everything will cost.

“Thank You”

Last but certainly not least are the ‘Thank you’ cards. In many ways, these cards are every bit as important as your invitations as they allow you to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and making your day even more special. You shouldn’t see thank you cards as being nothing more than polite token gestures; they are very much the norm these days. Indeed, your guests will likely be somewhat disappointed if they don’t receive one!

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