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Blue Wedding Invitations

Step into a world of serene elegance with our Blue Wedding Invitations collection. Discover the charm of the 'Navy Jewel Flowers' tri-fold design, the luxurious allure of the 'Opulent Glam Foil' invitation, or the floral grace of the 'Hydrangea Bouquet' suite. Perfectly crafted to set a tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding day, these wedding invitations are sure to captivate and impress your guest

What styles of blue wedding invitations does Dotty About Paper offer?

Dotty About Paper provides a wide range of blue wedding invitations, including rustic, vintage, and floral designs. Each invitation can be customised to your specific requirements by their design experts​​.

Can I get samples of blue wedding invitations?

Yes, you can request up to 3 free samples of any style, including blue wedding invitations, to assess the quality and design before making your final choice​​.

Are there matching stationery sets for blue wedding invitations?

Definitely. All blue wedding invitation designs are part of matching stationery packages, ensuring your wedding theme is consistent across all your stationery items​​.

How does Dotty About Paper ensure the quality of blue wedding invitations?

The company prides itself on fast online ordering and a 24hr proofing service. Their team of designers and customer service experts guide you through the process, ensuring each detail meets your vision​​​​.

What eco-friendly practices does Dotty About Paper follow for their stationery?

Dotty About Paper is committed to sustainability, using widely recyclable materials for their cards, envelopes, and packaging. They also participate in programmes to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint​​​​​​​​.

Where is Dotty About Paper located, and how long have they been in operation?

Based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, the company has been providing stationery since 2004 and specialises in bespoke artisan designs​​​​.

Can I personalise my blue wedding invitations?

Absolutely! Personalisation is encouraged to add a unique touch to your invitations, and their in-house experts are there to assist you with this process​​​​.

How can I order blue wedding invitations from Dotty About Paper?

You can order through their website or by telephone. The process involves selecting your items, adding personalisation details, and confirming your order. They also offer a proofing service for personalised stationery​​​​.

Will I receive a proof of my personalised blue wedding invitations before printing?

Yes, a free proof is provided via email for any personalised item. This proof must be approved by you before any printing occurs​​.

How is Dotty About Paper contributing to a healthier planet?

The company is actively involved in reducing waste, recycling, and participating in carbon offsetting initiatives. They ensure their stationery is produced in a manner that minimizes environmental impact​​​​.