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Christmas Cards, Tags and Mugs

Taking bookings

Christmas cards, tags and mugs are great ways to earn money for your school and organising the project is easy. Here we will explain in 6 easy steps, what is involved, what money your school could earn and how to produce artwork suitable for printing.

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How it works

1. First of all we would recommend you order a free sample pack, if you haven't already done so. Having a sample pack allows you to see and feel the quality of our products, ensuring that they are right for your school. Tip; You could also use the sample products for a promotional display in your school.

2. Once you have made the decision to go ahead with the project then please contact us on 01746 766876 to register your interest. We will take your details, answer any questions you may have and arrange a date for your artwork to be collected - this will allow the teachers to plan the project into lesson time.

Click here to check available booking/collection dates

3. Now it's time to do the fun stuff but before you do please ensure all artwork is produced on an A4 size sheet of paper so we scale it down in proportion to fit an A6 card.The child's name and class should be written exactly as it is to appear on their card - please ensure this is written clearly on the back.

Need some inspiration for your Christmas project? - Click here for ideas, free downloadable art templates and a downloadable leaflet on how to create artwork suitable for printing. 

4. Once the children have created their pictures, carefully box them up keeping the artwork as flat as possible and contact us on 01746 766876. A courier will collect your box of artwork *free of charge on the date agreed at the time of booking and return it back to us.

*Free collection is available for school/groups with 75 children or more.

5. Now it's our turn ... we will scan each individual piece of artwork and print 1 free personalised Christmas card sample and order form for every piece of artwork we receive. The school name, child's name and class will be printed on the back of the card, with the order form printed on the inside (should a spelling error occur, parents will have the chance to correct this on the order form). We will post the sample cards back to you free of charge to distribute to parents. All paid orders of Christmas cards will be left blank on the inside so they can be used for Christmas cards or thank you cards.

6. Parents should fill out the order form and return it back to school along with payment by the set date.

All payments should be banked by the school/PTA and not sent to us at this stage - an invoice will be sent at the end of the project for you to make payment. Once all of the order forms have been collected by the school, simply post them back to us via standard post. We will then print and pack the orders and return them back to you within 7-10 days.

The whole process should take approximately 6-8 weeks from start to finish. 

Profit for school

Christmas cards will be available in 3 different pack sizes, making it better value for money as the pack quantity increases - we recommend that all of these options are offered to parents along with the option of having their child's artwork printed on gift tags and mugs. *The same piece of artwork will be used for cards, gift tags and mugs so there will be no extra work for the school.

We have also put together a small collection of our 'Christmas Thank You Cards' as a way of earning a little bit of extra money for your school, here are the designs;

Christmas Thank You Cards


 As well as offering a cash benefit, we would also include; 

  • One free collection of your artwork (for school/groups with 75 children or more)
  • Free Christmas card sample and order form
  • Free delivery of your finished goods
  • No minimum spend allowance
  • No hidden costs apart from the cost of art materials to create the artwork for the project 

profit table

Creating artwork

We want your Christmas cards, tags and mugs to look as good as they possibly can so parents will simply find them irresistible! Here are a few points to consider before starting your project;

  • Do not use raised craft items like gem stones, glitter, pom poms, fabric, googley eyes, cotton wool etc  - the picture needs to be as flat as possible for scanning
  • Markers or felt tips are better to use than pencil crayons as they will help create a strong, bold picture for printing - please avoid wax crayons as these rub off onto our scanner making it very dirty
  • Paint also works really well - try using a coloured paper background to make your image more vibrant
  • Avoid writing or drawing right to the edge of the paper as this may end up getting cut off during the printing process

For more information, free downloadable templates and videos on how to make the designs featured on our website click here.


Here are 2 great ideas for producing artwork;

Christmas card ideas