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Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding Stationery

It might seem a little strange to talk about choosing a theme for your wedding stationery, but if you want a coordinated theme throughout your wedding it may be something you will have to think about early…

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Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach Weddings have been increasingly popular over recent years with the idea of getting married in a hot, exotic location being the idyllic setting for brides to be. In one of my previous posts I offered advice…

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Wedding Favour Boxes & Cake Boxes

Favour Boxes Wedding favours are often the only thing that guests will take home at the end of your wedding so it’s something to bear in mind when choosing yours. When buying your wedding favours you may…

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Introducing Moody Monday

I think we all experience the Monday blues, it’s back to work for most of us and the weekend seems like a lifetime away. Unfortunately we can’t do anything to make the working week shorter but we…

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Bird inspired designs

Around 600,000 people will have taken part in the Big Garden Birdwatch at the end of January. This annual survey organised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has recorded the trend in bird populations…

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