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Plan a Pirate Party!

To celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day, we thought it would be great to share some inspiration to help you host a pirate-themed party that kids will love! From awesome invites to pirate party games, we’ll get…

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Ideas for a Children's Teddy Bear Picnic Thumbnail
Ideas for a Children’s Teddy Bear Picnic

A teddy bear picnic is a birthday theme that both boys and girls will love! To celebrate International Picnic Day, we’re taking a look at some irresistibly cute ideas to inspire a truly magical teddy bears picnic…

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Cupcake Party - Thumbnail
Cupcake Party Inspiration

Is your little one a pastry chef in the making? If so, a cupcake party is the perfect theme for their next birthday. Get creative with these sweet party ideas, guaranteed to whip up some fun! Cupcake…

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Ideas for a Girl’s Princess Themed Birthday Party

If your little princess is dreaming of a fairy tale birthday, you might be wondering how to make the party truly magical. Here are some ideas on throwing a regal party that’s fit for a princess! Stationery Get the…

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How to Organise a Disco Party for Children

Is your child a dance star in the making? Do they love listening to music? Then a disco party is the perfect way to let them have fun with friends or celebrate their birthday! Here are some…

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