Staff Picks – Our Favourite Drinks (with Personalised Mugs!)

It’s nearly Mother’s Day, and here at The Card Gallery, we’ve all been obsessed with finding gifts! There are loads of options, so it’s easy to find a perfect present, whatever your mum loves. Our team are big fans of the classic personalised mug. A simple but touching present to suit any tastes, they’re as handy as they are thoughtful. After all, everyone needs a great cup for their favourite drinks!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re sharing our brews of choice – and our own personalised mugs!

First up is creative designer Natalie, who chose the traditional British cup of tea as her favourite drink. She takes it with half a sugar, but her personalised Family Tree mug is what really makes it sweet! It’s personalised with her husband and children’s names in their favourite colours. That way, she can keep them close even when she’s at work. It’s also very special having a mug you designed yourself!

Family-Tree- Personalised Mug

Family-Tree- Personalised Mug

Featured Design: ‘Family Tree Personalised Mug’

Next is Natalie’s apprentice, Leah. Leah loves a cup of nettle tea, amongst other herbal drinks, so the Herbal Tea mug suits her perfectly. She adores the cute, quirky artwork, which inspires her as works.

Herbal Tea Personalised Mug

Herbal Tea Personalised Mug

Featured Design: ‘Herbal Tea Personalised Mug’

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, customer service adviser Yvonne says a box of chocolates is always a safe bet! It’s no surprise, then, that her drink of choice is hot chocolate. In addition to loving chocolate (really, who doesn’t?) she loves nature, so the Watercolour Butterflies mug is her favourite.

Watercolour Butterflies Personalised Mug

Featured Design: ‘Watercolour Butterflies Personalised Mug’

Dispatch leader Hollie’s advice on buying gifts for your mother is to imagine what they would love, but never feel they could buy for themselves. Now is the time to give them a luxury item they’ve always wanted! And her idea of luxury is also hot chocolate – can you tell we’re a team of chocoholics?

Ladies Office Personalised Mug

Ladies Office Personalised Mug

Featured Design: ‘Ladies Office Personalised Mug’

Lisa, Director of The Card Gallery, is so busy running the company that you’d think she would need strong coffee! But she prefers to take her coffee with plenty of milk. As a mother of two young boys, she’s quite the expert on Mother’s Day! Lisa recommends a lovely breakfast in bed – complete with delicious coffee – to treat your mother.

And finally, to really get into the spirit of Mother’s Day, we asked Lisa’s mother, Jean – the real boss! Jean enjoys a refreshing lemon and ginger tea as she helps out The Card Gallery team. Her lovely Vintage Country Charm mug was a Mother’s Day gift from Lisa, and she’s treasured it ever since! The elegant design suits her so well. Jean thinks personalised presents are extra special for any mother.

Vintage Country Charm Personalised Mug

Featured Design: ‘Vintage Country Charm Personalised Mug’

If you’re interested in our mugs, you can find all our designs here. Or, if you want to browse Mother’s Day gifts, find our range here!

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