Record the day with a wedding guest book

Weddings are all very tailored and personal to the individual, and nowadays there are wedding companies that cater for literally anything you could wish for, from taking your vows mid air, doing a bungee jump, and even an underwater ceremony,.. the world is literally your oyster. Whilst there are some couples who choose to elope and share their special moment only with their groom/bride, the one thing that most weddings have in common is that it is a day to be shared with family and friends. So to avoid missing out on having those closest to you at your special day, send out your Save Your Date Cards as soon as possible, to make sure it doesn’t coincide with someone else’s wedding date!

Although we seem to be moving away from conventionality, there are some elements that remain very much a part of wedding tradition. There is the dress, the cake, then there are the after dinner speeches. This is something that I am particularly familiar with, having recently had to do my own sibling speech at my brother’s wedding last summer. I know a lot of these traditions seem to be dwindling away, but I have to say hearing everyone’s personal accounts of the married couple, added something really special to the day.

Another lovely way to capture the thoughts and feelings of friends and family, is to have a Wedding Guest Book. It is something, like your wedding photos which you can keep as a treasured memento to look back at in years to come. At ‘the’, they have some really beautiful ones to choose from. You could go for something very simple then personalise it with your own plaque, or something that picks out the same colours you have chosen for your wedding day, in the colour of the cover or a pretty flower design. If you were looking for something a bit more intricate, you could opt for the ribbon and flowers guest book or a silver pearl and heart design.

Wedding guest book

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