Spooky Halloween Party Themes – Inspiration and Ideas

Looking for your perfect Halloween party theme? We take a look at three of our favourite themes that will help you host a frighteningly fun party this year!

Haunted Halloween House

A haunted house is a great theme that lets you get creative. It’s a big favourite for all ages, too!

Dotty about Paper - Haunted House Halloween Invitation

Featured Design: ‘Haunted House – Halloween Party Invitation’

Use creepy decorations to turn your house into a spooky manor with surprises around every corner. Start with gravestones in the garden to set the tone. Inside, decide how many rooms the guests will visit and decorate them. You might use a variety of props, or theme each room separately. For example, make the dining room a gruesome kitchen with snacks like eyeball cake-pops and slime punch

Halloween Themes -- Snot and Eyeball Drink

…While hosting games in a deadly dungeon-themed living room, with skeletons and chains. Add some music and sound effects for an unforgettable party night!

Halloween Themes -- Dungeon Prisoner Skeleton

Gothic Elegance

Want a refined adults-only party? This theme is perfect for an Autumn evening occasion. Decorate with dark silky tablecloths, mysterious wilted roses, and intricate vintage lace. Skulls and cobweb-covered Gothic candlesticks add to the creepy atmosphere! Focus on elegance and macabre Victorian style to pull this theme together.

Halloween Themes -- Candlesticks

Have a devilish dinner party with dark twists at every turn. These toffee apples make the ideal dessert, while a posh pumpkin dish could provide the perfect main course.

Halloween Themes -- Macabre Toffee Apples

And who could resist these striking blood-red cocktails? 

Halloween Themes -- Blood Red Cocktails

Zombie Outbreak

This terrifying theme is very trendy, but it’s not for the faint of heart!

Dotty about Paper - Zombie Halloween Invitation

Featured Design: ‘Zombie – Ready to Write Halloween Party Invitation’

Decorate your venue with quarantine signssome fake blood splatters (for older party-goers), and zombie cutouts. Why not close off rooms in the house with some warning tape for a fun touch? We love these simple DIY zombie barricades – they’re cheap and easy to make, but look so effective! And guests will love how unique they look.

Halloween Themes -- Zombies Cardboard Cutout

There’s also no shortage of ghoulish food ideas. If you want something to gross out your guests, try a melon brain. But, if you want something a bit tamer, these creepy undead cupcakes have just the right amount of spook-factor! Add a few biohazard signs to your buffet to really set the tone!

Halloween Themes -- Undead Zombie Cupcakes

You can also get creative with party favours. Give guests ‘survival kits’ filled with sweets labelled ‘antidote’ and novelty IV bags.

Halloween Themes -- IV Blood Bag

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