Would You Prefer Slippers or High Heels in Your Workplace?

Recent studies from Aberdeen researchers have stated that women should not be forced to wear high-heels in the workplace. The study examined the link between high-heels and increased risk of injuries and health problems. Lisa Forde, Director of Dotty about Paper, was interviewed on BBC Radio Shropshire about her thoughts on the dress code issue. Lisa explained the dress code of her company and how it considers the comfort of the employee.

You can listen to the full interview on the BBC Radio Shropshire website.

Dress Code Issues

Lisa said high-heels are not a requirement for a professional appearance

A Balanced View of the Dress Code

Lisa spoke about her stance on dress codes. “My response is that I would never force employees to wear high heels,” she says. “I don’t think companies should enforce such a rule, because high heels aren’t required to look smart or professional.”

Lisa went on to explain that women in the workplace can maintain a professional appearance without the discomfort of unsuitable footwear.

“Dotty about Paper has a smart casual dress code. We ask staff not to wear certain items such hoodies, denim jeans, and ripped clothes,” she explains. “Staff are allowed to wear slippers at work to help them feel comfortable. However, they need to wear shoes when suppliers visit and customers call.” Lisa said that a balanced view will help when building a dress code. A reasonable dress code will also benefit employee motivation and boost productivity. This will benefit the business overall.

Dress Code Thoughts from Lisa Forde, the Director of Dotty about Paper

Dotty about Paper employees can wear slippers, but maintain a smart dress code

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