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The facts about twins and triplets

Having a baby is an almost indescribable joy, and giving birth to twins or triplets should double or treble the joy. In the UK, the latest statistics report that there were 12,675 multiple births in 2012 up…

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Should a Christening be formal?

Christenings or baptisms can be as formal or as informal as you like. Both are held in a church, the Church of England Christening is usually part of a normal Sunday service and a Catholic baptism is…

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What are the Alternatives to Christenings?

When a new baby arrives many parents want to celebrate the birth with their family and friends. Often they will want to have some sort of occasion to do this – particularly if the family lives some…

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Guide to Throwing a Baby Shower

It is estimated that half of new mums-to-be in the UK have a baby shower. As it is a relatively new event in this country, many people are worried that they will do it wrong; after all…

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Sneak peak at our new Christening Invitation range!

Behind the scenes of The Card Gallery we have been working on a new and very exciting range of Christening invitations and I just can’t wait to share them with you! This new range will be slightly…

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