A Guide to Celebrating Proposal Day

Proposal Day is celebrated on 20th March, during the Spring Equinox. The first day of spring is a time for new beginnings and motivation, so it’s the perfect date to think about taking your relationship to the next level!

So, what is Proposal Day? John Michael O’Loughlin created Proposal Day after seeing his cousin wait years for her boyfriend to propose; he knew how important it was for couples to talk about their future together. This day motivates people to talk about marriage with their partners, especially if nerves have got the better of them in the past. It’s a time to talk about your dreams for the future together, without letting any embarrassment hold you back. For some, the day can give them extra courage to pop the question, knowing that people all over the world are doing the same.

Being honest about your feelings is the most important thing. But that’s easier said than done! What can you do to make the most of Proposal Day?

Start Small

The Proposal Day season really lasts from 18th March through to the day itself. This gives you plenty of time to bring up the subject in a natural, relaxed way. Some start by giving gifts, like bouquets. Many couples choose to send Proposal Day cards. In some ways, it is similar to Valentine’s Day. However, instead of saying you just love someone, you’re showing you would like to marry them. You don’t have to be blunt. Just find the opportunity to start talking about what you both want from the relationship.

Proposal Day

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The Next Step

Find a comfortable place where you can both happily talk about your feelings. It’s vital to have a serious conversation before you propose. Cover big points like your finances, children, and viewpoints openly, even if they are awkward subjects. It will help you both see if you really could marry each other and live happily. This is what Proposal Day is really about!

Proposal Day

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Planning Your Proposal

If your talk with your partner went well, and you both feel that marriage is in your future, it’s time to think about popping the question! There’s no right or wrong date, but there are plenty of things to consider. Have you talked about this with relatives? Will you plan something big, or propose in a quieter, relaxed setting? Do you want to pick a date that holds special memories for you as a couple? Or will Proposal Day itself give you a much-needed boost to go ahead?

Buying a ring, getting your dream proposal setting, and having an engagement party can be expensive! Plan a budget to make sure you stay realistic. The Card Gallery has a huge variety of stylish yet affordable engagement stationery.

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Don’t forget that Proposal Day is also celebrated on 22nd September during the Autumnal Equinox. There’s more than one chance each year!

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