Writing a thank you note, whether its for your birthday, Christmas, or wedding, can seem daunting! But it is super easy when you know what you're doing. Follow these simple tips to create your ideal invites:

Choose your design

To get started, simply find your favourite thank you notes. You can buy your thank you notes from an online store, a high street shop, a supermarket, or have them printed by a company.

How Do You Write a Good Thank You Note? - Ready to Write Kids Thank You Cards - Ooh La Llama

Featured Product: Ready to Write Kids Thank You Cards - Ooh La Llama

Whatever event you've thrown, we have the perfect thank you notes to match. With designs for kids birthdays and christenings, to adult birthdays, weddings, and anniversary parties. Take a look on our website to find your dream design.

Make it personal

The best way to make your thank you notes stand out is to make them personal. We recommend you include their name, the present they bought you, and what it means to you.

Thank you notes are a great place to express how you feel about someone, too, as they can be cherished for years to come.How Do You Write a Good Thank You Note? - Eucalyptus - Ready to Write Wedding Thank You CardsFeatured Product: Eucalyptus - Ready to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

Here are some of our favourite wording examples:

'Thank you for our beautiful wedding present, Liam. You are an amazing friend!'

'Thank you for our brand new cutlery, Liam. We can't wait to use it in our new house!'

'Thank you for gifting us with money on our wedding day, Liam. It means so much to us, and will be put towards our honeymoon!'

You can write anything you like, and that sums up your friendship together.


Have fun!

It is important to remember to have fun with your thank you note wording. Nobody wants to read a boring generic message that you have copied 20 times!

How Do You Write a Good Thank You Note? - Christmas Thank You Cards - Father Christmas

Featured Product: Christmas Thank You Cards - Father Christmas

Add a fun joke into your notes, or scatter in a few puns to create some humour.

Once you've followed these simple tips, you should have created your perfect invitations. Looking for more birthday inspiration? Check out our other blogs.