After waiting patiently our beautiful dottie brides and handsome grooms the time is finally here!  Restrictions for weddings have been reviewed and relaxed and from June 21st your wedding can go ahead with more of your loved ones. There are still restrictions in place and here we give you some wedding advice and guidance for June 21st and beyond.

Guests limitations are lifted.

From June 21st there will no longer be a maximum number of guests you can invite to your wedding. However, the number will be determined by how many people your venue can safely accommodate with social distancing rules in place . Your venue manager should be able to help you with this. 

Outdoor or private garden ceremonies and reception

If you are planning an outdoor event your marquee must have at least 50% of its walled area open for it to be classed as outdoors!  If this is the case then you can follow outdoor hospitality rules. We have our fingers crossed you get the weather for a perfect day! 

A COVID risk assessment

If you are planning to increase your numbers and invite over 30 guests you are required by law to complete a COVID-19 risk assessment. This is for both inside and outdoor venues. This assessment will give you an idea of the maximum number of guests you will be allowed.

Face Masks

All attendees and staff must wear a face mask ( except for when eating or drinking) unless they are exempt. When outdoors there are no legal requirements for anyone to do so.  The bride, groom and officiator will not be required to wear a mask during the ceremony.

Food and Drink

If your big day is taking place at a COVID-secure venue where alcohol is served, all food and drink must be ordered, served, and consumed by your guests while seated at their table.

Singing and Dancing

Congregational and communal singing is strongly advised against. However, indoor and outdoor professional performances can take place.  Any performances by hired bands or singers should follow the performing arts guidance.

Amateur choirs, bands, or musicians should only perform in a group of up to 6 indoors. Outdoors, however, they may perform in groups of up to 30.

A couples first dance can take place however, dancing is advised against. Dance floors can be repurposed for additional seating. Speeches should be outside or in a well-ventilated area and PA systems used to amplify speech.

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