Using a height chart is so easy, and can also be a lot of fun! Here is our simple guide to height charts:


Find your ideal height chart

First you'll need to find your ideal chart! There are so many different designs online, so be sure to look for something that suits your child.

How to Use a Height Chart - Unicorn Magic - Personalised Height Chart

Featured Product: Unicorn Magic - Personalised Height Chart

Find a chart that matches their bedroom or playroom - it's a wonderful way to decorate, as well as to see how much your little one is growing, too.



How to use

First look at where your height chart starts. Some charts will start from zero centimetres, whilst others will start from 60 centimetres or more.

How to Use a Height Chart - Football Crazy - Personalised Height Chart

Featured Product: Football Crazy - Personalised Height Chart

You'll then want to position it around this far off the floor, attaching your chart to the wall securely.

There are many different ways to put your chart on the wall, including blue tack, Velcro strips, command strips, or pins. Choose from whatever suits you best, but remember that most ways to attach a height chart to your wall will leave marks.


It's ready!

Once you have attached your chart to the wall, it's ready to use!

You can then regularly measure your child against their chart and see how much they have grown. If your child has any siblings, you can also measure them, too.

How to Use a Height Chart - Go Wild - Personalised Height Chart

Featured Product: Go Wild - Personalised Height Chart

If you choose a super fun design, such as our 'Go Wild' safari-themed design, you can compare their heights to the different doodles. It's a great way to learn about numbers, too!


We hope you have found this blog useful! If you have a question about our height charts, why not pop us a message? We are always so happy to help you out.