A fairy party will make for magical memories for your child and all of their friends!

It is so much fun, and so easy to do, too. Here is our guide on how to throw a fairy party:



First you will need amazing invitations! You can either choose ready-to-write invitations or invitations that are fully personalised.

There are so many different fairy invitations online so be sure to take a look.

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - Kids Birthday Invitations - Fairy Garden

Featured Product: Kids Birthday Invitations - Fairy Garden

We are loving our new 'Fairy Garden' invitations! They really set the scene for a magical party and they're affordable, too.

Featuring pretty fairies, butterflies, and fairy houses, they are sure to be loved by all little ones (and their parents too!).



Decorating for a fairy party is easy, and so beautiful! You can get as creative as you wish.

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - DIYvinci

Featured Image: DIYvinci

Lots of bunting and balloons will set the tone for an amazing birthday party, whilst flowers, glitter, and sparkling confetti also add to the fairy theme.

You can take the fairy theme further by place mats made out of fake grass, and adorable toadstool decorations.



You may want to ask your guests to dress up in fairy costumes for your party. All they will need is a pretty tutu, fairy wings, and a magic wand.

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - Inspired by this

Featured Image: Inspired by this

You can add to the costume with a beautiful tiara or flower crown, as well as sparkling shoes.


Party Games

Don't forget to play some fun party games!

Here are some of our favourite fairy party games and activities:

Face Painting

Is any party better suited to face painting than a fairy party? We don't think so!

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - Livi Lollipop

Featured Image: Livi Lollipop

Paint beautiful patterns onto the kids faces - whether that's flowers, butterflies, or sparkles!

Fairy Houses

Have all of the children decorate a beautiful fairy house (you can use a bird box!). Not only is this a super fun and cute activity, but the kids can put them in their gardens and help the environment, too.

Fairy Scavenger Hunt

Hide fairy goodies around the garden and have the little one's look for them. Whoever finds the most goodies wins a prize!


Party Food

After playing your party games, your guests are sure to be hungry! There are so many cute food ideas that you can use:


For your savoury food, you'll just want a range of normal party food (with a twist!).

You can make your savoury food fun by cutting your sandwiches or pizzas into food shaped like stars, hearts, flowers.


This is where you can make things extra pretty!

Colourful macaroons and cupcakes will add colour to your tables, whilst pink and white marshmallows add the perfect finishing touch.

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - The Garden Spot

Featured Image: The Garden Spot

We are also loving these fruity fairy wands! Simply cut a watermelon into stars, and add to a fruit skewer. It's simple but so effective!

For your drinks, serve delicious pink lemonade. It's the ultimate fairy potion!


Fairy Party Favours

Send your guests home with magical party favours. It's a great way to show your appreciation for them attending your party.

Sweet Cones

Sweet cones can be filled up with tasty treats, such as pretty pink and purple sweets.

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - Bunny Fairy - Sweet Cone Bag & Sticker - Pack of 35

Featured Product: Bunny Fairy - Sweet Cone Bag & Sticker - Pack of 35

They come with stickers that can be personalised with any wording of your choice. It's an amazing way to thank your party guests.

Party Bags

Alternatively, a traditional goodie bag is also sure to be loved by kids.

Some fun fairy favours include fairy dust, bubble wands, and jewellery. Don't forget about a slice of birthday cake, too!

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - Girls Fairy - Party Bag & Sticker - Pack of 10

Featured Product: Girls Fairy - Party Bag & Sticker - Pack of 10

Our party bags come with stickers for you to write guests names onto. It's so easy!


Thank You Cards

Finally, thank your guests for coming with a beautiful thank you card.

How to Throw a Fairy Party for Kids - Ready to Write Kids Thank You Cards - Fairy Garden

Featured Product: Ready to Write Kids Thank You Cards - Fairy Garden

You'll also want to thank guests for any gifts that they have given.


We hope you have enjoyed this blog, and thought of some amazing ideas for your own fairy party too! For more inspiration, check out our other blogs.