A normal ending to the school year, where pupils say their goodbyes and show their appreciation to teachers, can no longer happen this year. Due to COVID-19, schools, colleges, and universities have been forced to close. This creates an unusual end to the educational year. However, despite challenges, teachers have been going that extra mile to ensure students can still learn through online classes and videos. They deserve a special thank you - but what is a good way to show gratitude during this strange time?

Thank You Videos

One meaningful way to show your thanks is to create a video. Each student could film a short video saying 'thank you' in their own way. Next, edit the footage together to create a lovely, personal show of appreciation for the teachers. It's also a fun project for the children to create together. It can really help them cope with having to say goodbye a lot earlier than usual because of COVID-19.

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Thank You Mail

Keep it simple yet heartfelt with a message explaining how thankful you and your child are for all the work the teacher has done this year. To make it more personal, you could ask your child to write a poem or draw some artwork for them. A sweet little poem can also show the teachers what they've learnt this year. For example, encourage them to include a word that they have struggled with into the poem, showing how they can now use it in a sentence! You can also make it unique by talking about the subjects your child has enjoyed learning about.

Due to COVID-19, people might be a little hesitant to send or receive physical cards. Because of this, you can email your message or send it via an e-card instead. E-cards are particularly useful if you want to go digital, since they look prettier than a regular email! Teachers can print these off themselves and save them as keepsakes, just like regular cards. Of course, there's something so special about a proper greetings card. If you want to send a physical card, the recipient can always safely discard the envelope and wash their hands after, to make sure it's safe. Choose a design that they will love and add your thank you message inside.

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When the proper precautions are taken, you can still send mail and packages. So why not bundle your thank you message with a lovely little gift and post it to the teacher?

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