Getting invited to a wedding is always so exciting! But, how should you respond to the wedding invitation?

Here are some examples of how to respond, and what RSVP card wording you should use, whether you're attending the wedding or declining the invitation.

Respond with an RSVP Card

Most wedding invites that you will receive will come with an RSVP card. These cards usually have two options on, where you can tick whether you can attend the celebration or not. It is very simple!

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An RSVP card that you may receive will read similar to this:


Would love to attend

Decline with regret

Simply add your names above the dotted line, and tick the option that suits you.

If you are unable to attend the wedding, you may wish to send the couple a small gift with your RSVP card, such as a bouquet of flowers.

If you are able to attend the wedding, but your partner or children are not, then also make sure that you mention this on the card.

Respond with a Handwritten Note

If you receive a wedding invitation that does not come with an RSVP card, you should either reply with a handwritten note or get in touch with the couple via email or phone call.

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If you’re wondering how to write a formal note to accept or decline wedding invites, here are a couple of examples.

Acceptance note:

Dear Nicola and James,

We are delighted to be attending your wedding on September 4th, 2021

Kind regards,

Elizabeth and Richard Black

Declining the invitation:

Dear Nicola and James,

We appreciate your thoughtful wedding invitation, however, will be unable to attend. We will be thinking of you on your special day, and hope that your wedding day will be amazing.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth and Richard Black

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