Whether you are arranging your own party or organising a special event for a friend or family member - how to send out invitations is always a tricky question. In this day and age, it has become increasingly common to send a text or social media message to potential invitees. There are, however, lots of disadvantages to doing this.

Let's explore the topic of paper or electronic birthday invites in more detail.

The art of communication

A quickly sent message or invite over text, email or social media seems convenient. But when it comes down to it, electronic invites are very impersonal - and invitees often know they have been included as part of a blanket invite. If you care about someone enough to invite them to your party, then it's worth that little bit of time and effort to send them their own invitation.

Should You Send Electronic or Paper Birthday Invitations? - Foil 40th Birthday Invitations - Sparkly Typography

Plus, if you've been thinking about your party for a while, then you have plenty of time to choose and send the perfect invitations.

Personalise your message

Choosing a paper invitation allows you to inject some personality and love into your invitation. The act of sending a hand-written invitation is enough to make each of your guests feel acknowledged and special. Even if you don't write a heartfelt message in each one, the fact that you've taken the time and effort to personally write out each invite is certain to make them feel appreciated and more inclined to attend. What's more, you can choose birthday stationery that will set the theme for your party.

Stay in your guests' minds

Not only does sending a paper birthday invitation make your recipient feel wanted, but having a paper invitation can also make their lives much easier. It gives a quick and easy reference point to remind them of the big day. The invitation can be stored somewhere safe, or even stuck up on the fridge... unlike an electronic invitation which is likely to just sink to the bottom of their inbox.

Considering costs

Of course, the main advantage of sending a text is the fact that there is no or very little cost associated with it. You can also keep costs down in other ways. For example, if you ensure that you plan your invitations in plenty of time - enough time to ensure that you see all of your guests in person before the big day - you won't need to send any in the posts and can give invites face to face.

Should You Send Electronic or Paper Birthday Invitations? - Kids Birthday Invitations - Unicorn Cake

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But, if your event is worthy of a bit more attention to detail, then you can really set a feel for what your party has in store by choosing from beautiful paper invitations, and most are created at a very reasonable price.

The added advantage of a physical card is that your guests will be much more likely to keep hold of the invitation, and give you a formal response, whereas a text can quickly and easily be ignored!

Do your birthday party justice

For last-minute get-togethers, there are some advantages of sending a text invite, but for those special events which are worthy of the extra planning, there are so many more benefits to sending a beautiful, thoughtful paper invitation. So why not take a look at our range of birthday invitations for your next big occasion?