When you are preparing to celebrate a special event, like a birthday, you’ll want people to be there to share it with you. The best way to invite someone to your party is with an invitation card. Whether it’s an old friend who you haven’t spoken to in a few years or your best friend that you FaceTime every single day, receiving a physical invitation is something everyone enjoys. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose a beautiful invitation card for your birthday party!


Are you going to have a specific theme? Maybe you’re throwing a Great Gatsby birthday party for you and your friends to pretend they’re living in the roaring ’20s, or possibly a totally adorable pamper party for the little ones.

How to Choose a Beautiful Birthday Invitation Card? - Kids Birthday Invitations - Make Up Pamper Party

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Whatever theme you choose to go with, you’ll want a card to reflect it. If you don’t have a specific theme, you can select your invitation based on a colour pallet or style you’ll be using on the day of the event. Not only does this tie the whole look together, but it also gives your friends an insight into what’s to come.


Tone is essential. It’s going to truly “set the tone” to your event. And, the best part is the endless possibilities that come with it. You can choose to go the formal route, simply listing the date, time, address, RSVP method and dress code.

How to Choose a Beautiful Birthday Invitation Card? - Foil 30th Birthday Invitations - Sparkly Typography

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Alternatively, you could make it a bit more fun. Try using different spelling, slang or even writing the whole invitation in a pirate's voice. If you have a wacky catchphrase use it here. Whatever you choose to do just make sure it resembles the theme of your party.


Once you have selected a theme and written the information out for your cards you’ll need to consider your method of delivery. For kids at school, you could simply place the cards into a gorgeous envelope, write the name of the recipient on the front and have your child hand-deliver them. For those who are going to mail their invitations, why not add a little note or something extra to let them know you care.


Once your invites have sent and your party has gone you’ll want to thank your guests for coming.

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We love using thank you cards that match your invites or keep the theme of your event. It’s a great way to wrap it all up and share your gratitude at the same time.