Receiving an invitation to a birthday party is incredibly exciting - especially when you receive a beautiful, physical birthday invitation with an RSVP card attached. Not only does it show that the organiser really cares about their party, but it also makes the whole concept an easy one to reply to. Not all invitations come with RSVPs, however, so knowing how to respond to a birthday party invite is key.

1. Use the RSVP card supplied

If an RSVP card is included with the birthday party invite then you’re in luck and your response will most likely be an easy one to carry out. Even if there’s a checkbox to tick and return, it’s always nice to show your appreciation towards your host and their party. String together a few sentences that explain just how much you’re looking forward to attending and how grateful you are for the invitation.

5 Best Ways to Respond to a Birthday Party Invite - 30th Birthday Invitations - Elegant Floral Pattern

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Simple responses with a ‘thank you for the invite, can’t wait to celebrate!’ are fantastic - but of course you can be much more eloquent with your response and use formal language to share your thoughts of the invite. In the same way, sometimes events don’t fall well in your schedule and you can’t attend. When this happens, it’s always polite to respond expressing your dismay that you can’t attend and share your best wishes to your friend.

2. No RSVP? Send a text

If your birthday party invitation doesn’t come with an RSVP slip to return, things can be a little bit more complicated. Not everyone thinks of how they'll receive and collate their guest's responses, so sometimes you'll need to think of this yourself. Naturally, you have to let your hosts know whether you’ll be attending or not in spite of the fact and there are multiple ways you can get this done.

In this case, a straightforward text (if they've provided a number) telling them whether or not you can attend is a fine way to get the job done.

3. Give them a call

Assuming that they’ve provided you with contact details, calling them and letting your host know that you’ll be attending their party is both polite and efficient. We always like to follow up the call with a text message so they don’t forget to write down that you’ll be there!

4. Speak to them in person

If you know you’ll be seeing the birthday party host in person before the party itself, let them know in person - express the excitement that you’ve been invited and let them know just how happy you are to be part of their special day.

5. Send a message on social media

Nowadays, most of us have at least one social media account, so reach out to your host via direct message and let them know you can attend.

5 Best Ways to Respond to a Birthday Party Invite

Facebook Messenger is great for this, and you might even find the host has created an event on the platform too. You can simply accept or decline this way as well. If you can't attend, we'd advise writing a nice comment explaining why and wishing them a good time at their party.

Extra? Who, me?

If you love to go above and beyond, then why not send your response to a birthday party invitation through your own card or gift. You could attach your RSVP to a bouquet of flowers or send a card expressing your excitement for their upcoming affair! They’ll appreciate the gesture for sure and they’ll definitely remember that you’ll be joining them in celebrating their special day. Everyone loves a surprise in the post - particularly if it's as unexpected as this one would be.